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Los Aztecas - Questions/Suggestions/Complaints

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Los Aztecas - Questions/Suggestions/Complaints Empty Los Aztecas - Questions/Suggestions/Complaints

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:54 am

Here you can post your questions, suggestions or complaints about Los Aztecas.
Please note that, Please use our custom forms down below. Thank you
And also please note that, if you do not use the forms your post won't be taken in consideration

Question form?
[center][size=18][i][b]┬┐Question form?[/b][/i][/size][/center]
[b]IG name[/b]:
[b]IG level[/b]:

Suggestion form:
[center][size=18][i][b]Suggestion form[/b][/i][/size][/center]
[b]IG name[/b]:
[b]IG level[/b]:

Complaint form:
[center][size=18][i][b]Complaint form[/b][/b][/size][/center]
[b]IG name[/b]:
[b]IG level[/b]:
[b]IG name of the suspect[/b]
[b]What is the reason of complaining?[/b]:
[b]Any proof?[/b]


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