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San Andreas Armed Forces Recruitment

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San Andreas Armed Forces Recruitment

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:09 pm

San Andreas Armed Forces Recruitment

If you're interested in joining the San Andreas Armed Forces, read this entire topic, then copy the following application into a new topic titled "SAAF Application - [Your IG-Name]" and fill it out. Do not modify the code in any way, or your application will be declined.

[b]In-Game Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Score: [/b]
[b]Prior Law experience: [/b]
[b]Why do you want to join?: [/b]
[b]What do you think we would gain from you joining?: [/b]
[b]Have you read the rules on the saaf site?: [/b]
[b]Which number was skipped in the rules?: [/b]
[b]Explain where you are and are not allowed to operate air support vehicles.: [/b]
[b]Anything else to add?: [/b]

[b]Driving Expertise: [/b]/10
[b]Flying Expertise: [/b]/10
[b]M4 expertise: [/b]/10
[b]Sniper expertise: [/b]/10



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