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Unban Applications format Empty Unban Applications format

Post  [Mfr]Xandru on Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:45 pm

Have you been banned?

Title: Application - Your Name
Name: ingame name or forum name
Ban Reason: Ban reason
Date: Date of the ban.
Defence: I did not cheat ect....


Title: Application - [Sfcnr]Amoxi
Name: [Sfcnr]Amoxi
Ban Reason: Cheating
Date: 01/10/10
Defence: I believe my ban was wrong. Ect.

Please Note:

We do not unban cheaters.
Do not make more than one application.
Please be patient with your application, moderators/administrators are resolving your problem.


Better be a lone wolf and don't go with a fake pack.

Unban Applications format Scaled.php?server=7&filename=sfcnrxandrunuevofondo

Unban Applications format 390334

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