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Before reporting someone

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Before reporting someone Empty Before reporting someone

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:46 am

Before reporting someone, you must know if the person did actually break the rule on purpose, if a person breaks a rule by accident then you don't need to report for that, because many accidents or mistakes can happen.

For example:

/rp Abuse:
Don't report a person for a single /rp with no reason in it, because it's probably an accident or a mistake, many mistakes can happen in /ticket like forgetting to put a reason for /rp or for accidentally pressing "Enter" without writing a reason, so you can only report for a /rp abuser if he did it more than once.
Note: Instead of reporting newbies for misusing the /ticket command, just /Pm them and explain when to use the /rp command and tell them that isn't allowed, if he doesn't understand English then just /report him and an admin will deal with it. And always Try to be helpful!

Don't report for everything you see in the deathlist or infront of you, before reporting you must be sure if the person did it by accident or on purpose, for example: when a cop chases a suspect and he accidentally kills his teammate because of fireline etc.. That's an accident.
Note: You don't need to report a person for deathmatching if he apologised to you, everyone make mistakes.

Remember: Report hunting isn't allowed, don't provoke players just to make them break a rule or stalk them just to report them!

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