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Rollin' Heights Ballas ~ Help

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Rollin' Heights Ballas ~ Help Empty Rollin' Heights Ballas ~ Help

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:19 am

Here you will find all the help that you need to start as a young gang member in this gang.

After your initiation, you started learning 'new' thigns from the 'older' members in your gang. As you grew in age you got to know a thing or two about your gang, and how to make things happen.
Even if you tend to knew some 'old' things, it seemed that you had a shit'load of new things to learn and that you have to work hard to get the other gang members respect aswell as your own respect.
Despite the fact that your initiation has been harsh and you have made it alive proves nothing to the old gang members.

The Vocabulary

Many guys don't know how to use or don't even know whats the term of 'Slang Talking'.
You need to use 'Slang Talking' when you are RPing as yo uare a gang member you can't talk like a bussineman nor like peasant.
If you learn how to control the 'Slang talking' then you are on the good way.

Slang examples:
Gwa'Wa - Hello/Whats up
Blodclot - Bad man/idio
Rudeboi - Rude man/Good friend
G's - Currency aka money
Keela - Dead/Kill
MadBoi - Crazy guy/Whats up/Hello/Mad

RP advices
Use /me to narrate something that your character is doing. For example /me wakes up and goes to change.
Use /w(hisper) to talk OOC'ly. FOr example /w Check the forums man, I have made some cool topics!


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