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Las Reglas de Hermandad Latina (The Rules)

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Las Reglas de Hermandad Latina (The Rules)

Post  [Mfr]Xandru on Sat May 19, 2012 12:20 pm

-We can't DM if isn't in a event, fight or war with another mafia.
-Don't carpark or you will be Blacklisted and Kicked from the server.
-I don't know yet if Amoxi puts cars, heli and boats in our zone, but well...... if there aren't cars, helis etc... any member of Hermandad Latina will use his own car.
-Milano Familly gang sometimes will be Friends gang, another time will be enemy.
-In Hermandad Latina skin don’t rulebrake.
-Respect Hermandad Latina’s ALL members. Doesn’t matter if there is the underboss and a militant, respect your team mates.
-Sometimes we will work with police, but like mercenaryes.


Better be a lone wolf and don't go with a fake pack.


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