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How to report in forum

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How to report in forum Empty How to report in forum

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:42 am

I am going to show you how to make a legit report. We don't want to waste any unnecessary admin or player time with it.

Deathmatch is very common amongst Sfcnr. Deathmatching is when you attack and

person that hasn't caused you any harm in the past. If someone deathmatches you in-game,

try go over and talk to the player with /w. Explain to this person that it is not a

deathmatch server. If the deathmatching continues, try /report(id) in-game and wait for an

admin to respond. If no admins respond (they are either not in the server or busy) take

screenshots with F8, try take as many as you can, if you can get away, get away, but if he

is following you take as many screenshots as possible. Once you have got these screenshots

go to your Gta San Andreas Folder and you should find your screenshots there. Then go onto and report, make sure to read the report format to make a successful


Insults are also very common on Sfcnr. Sometimes when you make people angry,

someone will start to have a go at you. If someone is insulting you on PM in-game, this

is not reportable. Try /pmoff so the player can not pm you in-game. Sometimes this

results in people starting to insult in main chat. If someone starts to do this, try

/report(id) in-game and wait for an admin to respond. If no admins respond (they are either

not in the server or busy) take screenshots with F8, try take as many as you can of the

insults. The more you get, the bigger punishment the verdict will receive. If you provoke

this person, then you can receive the same punishment, and don't lie about it, an admin can

check the logs if he is hesitant.

Cophunting is where a wanted criminal (Orange or Red) shoots a Police Officer,

S.W.A.T Member or Army Member before a Police Officer, S.W.A.T Member or Army Member

shoots,chases, or uses commands on the criminal. Cophunting is the hardest to report on the

forum. The reasoning behind this is that admins can not prove that anything happened


1. You Spawning
2. You not doing anything much
3. The criminal shooting you.

You will need all that to make a successful cop hunt report

Spamming doesn't necessarily have to be insults. Spamming is when someone types

the same (or similar) thing over and over again in main chat. In my opinion, spamming is the

easiest to report on the forums. If the user types the same (or similar) thing more than 3

times, just screenshot it with F8 and report it on the forums. If someone rape spams "**

has been raped to death by **". If it says that more than 3 times then take a picture of

that too.

Scamming is where someone someone offers you something for a price in-game, then

when you give him/her the cash, he/she leaves the server without giving you what they

offered. Please not this is not reportable unless this person has a [Sfcnr]

Tag. Try get a picture of the key points of the conversation.

1.When they offered you

2.You giving the money

3.They leaving or saying haha or making fun of you in any way.


Jail Evade
Jail evading is when a criminal deliberately leaves after being cuffed, searched,tazed, dragged etc. You cant report if you were just chasing and he left. If this person leaves after you put them in jail then this is fine, they will be entered into jail when they join back. To make a Jail Evade report, you need screenshots of:

1.You tazing or cuffing the suspect
2. Him leaving
3. Him joining back

If you got all these then it is valid. If you don't, then its just a waste of admin time

Hacking is when you have an unfair advantage over people. This is usually air-break, not loosing health, no reload etc. If you spot a hacker, /report instantly so the admin can ban him. If admin is not on, just take pictures of him performing this hack and if the pictures are clear that this person is a hacker, then this is a valid report. Please read on the best ways to spot a hacker

How to write apply:

Use the following format
Your name: in-game name
His name: Reported's in-game name
Reason: What he did?
Proof: images / video
Anything else

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