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[MFR]Xandru Army application

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[MFR]Xandru Army application Empty [MFR]Xandru Army application

Post  [Mfr]Xandru on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:18 am

In-Game Name: still with [Sfcnr]xandru i think
Age: 19
Score: about 33k (only 1500 real score xD)
Prior Law experience: S.W.A.T. Principal Commander in the old server, General Brigader in old server too xD
Why do you want to join?: Well, i love the law enforcement, i like tanks, i like to kill instead ov arrest, i don't know haha i did enough applications in this life to make another one, btw i was a good army member and good swat commander.
What do you think we would gain from you joining?: More experience, also more team-work
Have you read the rules on the saaf site?: bro =.= i know allready rules ov server haha also army rules =.= i read em
Which number was skipped in the rules?:5?
Explain where you are and are not allowed to operate air support vehicles.: well, allowed i'm allowed to operate em in all places, but i can't use normal guns inside urban places
Anything else to add?: naah, i hope to get accepted Razz

Driving Expertise: enough/10
Flying Expertise: 99/10
M4 expertise: 10/10
Sniper expertise: killed [Lsrcr]Silent_14 with sniper xD that's too much i think haha/10

Alecz, Hobo xDDD

by the way, i would like to be da general ov army Razz if i can, please Very Happy ill be good general, best than other generals what amoxi and me know xD


Better be a lone wolf and don't go with a fake pack.

[MFR]Xandru Army application Scaled.php?server=7&filename=sfcnrxandrunuevofondo

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