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How to vote the applications.

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How to vote the applications. Empty How to vote the applications.

Post  [Mfr]Xandru Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:04 am

This is how S.W.A.T. members have to vote the applications, DO NOT USE SPOILERS OR TINNY LETTERS, that is annoy the applicants.

[color=cyan][b]Applicant name:[/b]
[b]Overall score:x/5[/b]
[b]Anything else:[/b]

Also use scores from 0 to 5 and for final verdict use GREEN (POSITIVE) RED (NEGATIVE) ORANGE (NEUTRAL)

For recommendations in applications of another Law Enforcement section you must use this format

[b]Vote: [/b]
[b]Reason: [/b]
[b]Anything else: [/b]

Example of S.W.A.T. section vote:
Applicant name:[Mfr]Xandru
Overall score:3.5/5
Anything else:Good luck

Example of another Law Enforcement vote:
Reason:-Deathmatched me sometimes, Status not too good, Enough test, Active as law enforcement
Anything else: Good luck in your application.

By not using this vote format you will recive a warn.

Kinds Regards,
Xandru, S.W.A.T. Principal Commander.

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