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How to create a group

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How to create a group Empty How to create a group

Post  [Mfr]Xandru on Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:33 pm

Group Name:
Group Type: (Example: Gangster Groups,Racing Groups,(Other Groups Must have good and not offensive reasons/names)
Reason of why you want to make group:
Gangster Groups have special rules (there will not ban for dming and dont ever report them just if to much you able to report)

Groups Rules:

Take care about group members...Do what need to do as admin/owner of the group...
For regular players there can make offcial groups/unofficial groups..
And for regular player want to make Offcial Groups it MUST be ACCEPT by Administrators or rank''4'' Admin
For other players if they want to join the groups must make an application on forum..


No rules for moderator groups because they have admin zones for those groups. Moderators groups will be Official without Administrator's acceptation.

Name: [Sfcnr]Xandru
Group Name: Madbull Sports
Group Type: racing groups, stunts groups, roadtrip, rally etc...
Reason of why you want to make group: I want to.... etc.

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