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Grove Street Families - Rules

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Grove Street Families - Rules Empty Grove Street Families - Rules

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:33 am

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Grove Street Families Rules
1: Never DM. This also applies during Gang Wars. Make sure to read War Rules further down.
2: Respect higher ranks.
3: After being done with a car, either return it to HQ or destroy it.
5: Do not abuse the privileges and equipment given to you.
6: Respect our allies, hate our enemies.
7: If possible, make sure your house is located on our turf.
8: We're a street gang. Therefore, you do not drive a rich man's car.
9: We do not ever sell drugs.
10: When you get into arguments with the police, remember it is faster to just back down and let them have their way with you. 6 stars prison = 100 seconds in jail, instead of having to argue 120 seconds and then sit ten minutes in jail.
11: Tell me in the application that you indeed have read these rules.
12: Obey forum and server rules at all times.
13: If you wish to leave, either tell me in game or make a topic in this section. This way, I can keep the Ranks topic updated.


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