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Mega FreeRoam RolePlay [MFR]
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Rules of S.A.F.O

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Rules of S.A.F.O Empty Rules of S.A.F.O

Post  [Mfr]Xandru Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:40 pm

Rules of S.A.F.O Scaled.php?server=862&filename=airplanelogo

-This is not a D.M. group
-Our base is a private airspace, so if you see someone in our base take care about what he do and try to expulse him from the airspace, if he don’t want to get out say that to any moderator/administrator.
-We will fly with real pilot conversations.
-Stunt airplanes will be only for demostrations.
-Pilots need some flight knowledge to get into the group.


Better be a lone wolf and don't go with a fake pack.

Rules of S.A.F.O Scaled.php?server=7&filename=sfcnrxandrunuevofondo

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