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SAPD Rules

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SAPD Rules Empty SAPD Rules

Post  [MFR]Amoxi on Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:42 am

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General Rules

Use common sense at all times.
Speak English in main chat.
Obey all server rules.
Do not DM or abuse commands.
Always obey the chain of command.
Always cooperate with other law enforcers.
Base your decision to ticket or arrest on the crime, not the wanted level.
If a suspect's wanted level drops to zero, they got away with it. Don't set it again.
If a suspect refuses to stop, you may raise his wanted level by one. Keep adding if they continue to refuse.
Always add a reason when setting a wanted level. (Ex. /setwant 3 5 Cop Killer)
Teamwork is essential for a good squad to function. If there are 4 or more officers on, team up and go 2 in each vehicle (never more than 2).


Duty Rules

When on duty, always wear your uniform. Never patrol in civilian clothes without prior authorization.
Use only resources approved by the Department (vehicles, weapons).
Do not use any resources you've been restricted from using.
When off duty, do not use Department resources (commands, uniform, vehicles, weapons).


Application Rules

You must remain in SAPD for a minimum of 7 days from the time you are accepted In-Game. You must also give a minimum of 3 days notice in written form (on your accepted application) before leaving. Failing to do either of these may result in you being excluded from future employment.
For proof that you have read the rules, put "No. Nothing to add." in the "Additional Notes:" section of the application.
You may not force the leader or co-leader to view your application or to accept you in-game.
Only law enforcement officials (SAPD, SASD, FBI, SAAF) and mods/admins are allowed to give feedback and recommend applicants. Other feedback will not be taken into account, and will be removed.



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