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San Andreas Sheriff's Department Rules

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San Andreas Sheriff's Department Rules Empty San Andreas Sheriff's Department Rules

Post  Invitado on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:54 am

San Andreas Sheriff's Department Rules SASD

San Andreas Sheriff's Department Rules

You must have an ingame score is 500.
You must speak English in the main chat.
You must obey the main server rules.
You must have common sense.
You must never DeathMatch.
You must not abuse your commands.
You must never use our vehicles for personal use.
You must put in your application, "Protect and serve the people" where it says "Anything else"
You must not leave our vehicles laying around, please return them after usage.
You must obey Deputy's which have a higher rank than you.
You must use full English in your application.
You must co-operate with other Law enforcement agencies.
You must copy atleast one of these rules in your application to show you have read this.
You must work as a team, you are the law, not a one man army.
You MUST have some type of past law experience within this or a similar server and be able to prove you have worked with similar commands before.


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