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San Andreas Sheriff's Department-Academy

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San Andreas Sheriff's Department-Academy Empty San Andreas Sheriff's Department-Academy

Post  Invitado on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:57 am

San Andreas Sheriff's Department-Academy SASD

SASD has recently pushed the importance of the Academy and started to enforce it througout it's Department.

When in the Academy you are enrolled on a learning experience, to learn the ways of law enforcement within San Andreas and SASD, this will be assisted by you being assigned to a Law Tutor (High Ranked member).

As we only accept people with existing law experience, the aim of the academy is to reteach or go over different aspects of the job too ensure that you are fully capable of doing a good job.

The Acdemy lasts week and is similar to a trial period over this time you will be required to be with another officer whilst patrolling (If Online) and have 1 chance to prove yourself, at the end of the week you will be asked to attend a meeting at LVPD where your performance will be assessed and a final verdict will be given. You are allowed 1 warning, anything else whilst in the acadmey will result in you being kicked from the force.

However there are exceptions for experienced members who may get a reduced time or miss the academy altogether this means emphasis is put on giving us as much info as possible on the application.

Academy Students


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